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Image by Marco Meyer

Dream now,
Travel later.


This was one of our highlight campaigns in 2020 for Pinterest in Europe. 

When covid changed everything, we inspired Pinners to dream their perfect swiss getaway; then we activated them once the borders opened back up again.


Through an interactive-API integration (We call them Pinextensions) we were able to have Pinners click together their ideal vacation in Switzerland. The experience would then create a custom board full of their own vacation wishes which we stored on Pinners profiles. (That was the "dream your vacation".

Once the borders opened up in Italy, Austria and Germany, we pinged Pinners to revisit their choices back when Covid was preventing them from going and encouraged them to travel!
(This was the "Travel later" part of our campaign). 


We outperformed key metrics for this verticle as well as product kpis through

Our completion rate was 80%. The
average time spent on the extension was 31.5 seconds.

We've generated over 1000 different boards full of ideas for Pinners to share and pin again.  The board generation rate was +18% higher than the average Pin Extension.

We received press coverage and the campaign ran in various European markets, including Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, and targeting was consciously focussed across relevant interests and keywords.

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