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Imagine you want to test-drive a car. It's often quite a hazzle to get that organized, find time to go to the dealer....

What if we bring the car to you? Welcome to the Prime Testdrive.


Our pitch was simple. We find the right target audience through data. That audience qualifies to get a prime testdrive. Then we would display ads (or in this case, content) to only them to participate in this unique chance.

Wherever they are, whenever they want: We would deliver the car for a 24 h extended testdrive. 

We flew to London to pitch against Facebook & Twitter. In order to stand out even more, we had ordered Amazon shipping boxes. There was no time to print them, so we mirrored the mercedes logo on a laserprinted paper, and used a sponge to get it reversed onto the cardboard.

These boxes carried all the pitch mateiral which we brought along. 

The pitch successfully turned into an international campaign, spanning EU to Canada to Japan.

Every country had different regulations. On some, we were able to deliver the cars as initially concepted. Others (Germany) would require a voucher that would then connect them to the dealer.


In addition to this awesome experience, we created a customized detail page, unlike any ever seen on Amazon:

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