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We were tasked to create a campaign for Lego Nexo Knights.


The brand is known, yet the theme "Nexo Knights" is unique. It's a world full of story - great characters and a close connection between off- and online. 

We knew that this page was directed to gift-givers; namely adults. 

In order to make them believers, we would tell the story not for kids, but for adults. To bring them on the same page as the kids.  


So we would introduce a summary of what it is first:

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Followed by outlining the characters; what they stand for, who they are and what they do


In this experience, we gave the option to shop the physical products.
We didn't force it; we let them explore, get inspired.


The campaign beat all results we've seen in this sector before. In the relevant target group, we beat the CTR by +2.5X and drove extensive upselling of all Nexo Knights Products that quarter. 

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