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Empower (Amazon) Designers around

the world to build awesome experiences


Back in 2014, the Amazon was not a very design-oriented place. Hence our creative teams were quite limited in the way they build landingpage experiences on our platform.

My team and I were going to change that for good. 

The Content Management System that Amazon used was great for feeding the algorithm data to make the shopping experience great! 

Yet it was stiff when it came to design. Gladly, we could create a test environment and slowly tried to enhance capabilities of this system. 

We experimented with box models. Simple start.


This allowed us to experiment further. We created different box models to match the various scenarios for desktop and mobile.


The models had to be highly flexible as we were serving so many different clients. We scaled container but kept the simplicity in the model to create a testing environment to test it.


We tested our initial model with the first Avengers movie in 2014.

Aside from performance data in the user experience, we payed close attention to multi-device compatibility and performance across platforms and devices.

The pilot was successfull!

So we hurried to create a case-study, get further development resources to eventually build a tool that would enable others to do the same.

We worked closely with our product team, defined criteria in different launch phases and launched the beta of this tool later that same year. 


Not only were the results great, the simplicity and ease-of-use drew the Amazon Design community to the tool fast.


Were we successful?
Until today, interactive landingpages on Amazon are being built by this tool.

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