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Creating a
brand from scratch

I have always wanted to forge a brand.


Starting with the name. Then going into the logo design, towards colors, sounds, animations. In 2018/2019 I fulfilled that dream by giving birth to the brand "Joyn".


We were building a streaming platform set out to compete with the big Prime Video and Netflix.

Our problem was that our time was running out. They were (and still are) way ahead. Our USP had to be unique: We had to be the local champion. Where the US competition would provide global content, we would be the ones to truly understand "local" and make people feel belong. 

Our name had to incorporate the sense of "community".

We wanted people to join our effort in making TV better; inchanging the way entertainment had been broadcasted amongst Germans/Europeans so far.

We looked for symmetry in every aspect of our design.

As our brand acted as the "presenter" and aggregator of all sorts of content, it had to be obtrusive. Through symmetry we were able to create a balanced look & feel in marketing and in our product. The visual design of the logo was a close collaboration between our inhouse-design team and the great Violet Office

Flip through the brand book

We needed a symbol, an Icon that incorporated the essence of our brand, our trademark and our vision.

Thus the "Smile" was born. It could stand on it's own; and it was able to morph into the full trademark brand and back. This ensured a strong brand representation within the entire platform and marketing. 


We called it smile as it incorporated so many things our brand aspired to be.

A small is universally understandable, it gives energy and is unique to us humans.

We chose "Campton" as our main font.


Not only its spacing paired great with our experience design; the font itself is geometric and uses a lot of round shapes. It is legible and yet encompasses the human aspects, transmitting warmth and community. 

download (1).png

The color is black and white.


Well not entirely.

Yes, the trademark in itself is black or white. That is because it "presents" and aggregates content. It does not have one or two colors. It has all the colors as it can stand and absorb the color of the content it presents. 

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