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Image by Robert Dickow

How does a brand sound?

Creating a brand for a tech product is one thing.

Creating brand for a tech product that brings entertainment is another.It most definitely requires a unique sound identity.


Aside from the obvious touch-points in marketing, we wanted to make sure that whenever people interacted with our product - the brand would welcome them.


Understanding the touchpoints was only the start.

More interestingly was the question: "How do you attribute something so subjective (sound/music) to brand values?"

We went to London to work with the amazing guys from Pitch&Sync. In many sessions, we've explored adjectives that we could translate into sounds; and attribute to our brand. 


In the background, you can hear the brand track playing.

We then listened to many tracks from brands that we felt could incorporate that into a song.

These values then were put into a concise sound briefing; thus our brand track was created.

The essence of this brand track was then compressed and forged into our sound logo. 

This would greet you every time you started the product in your living room.

And we found ways to incorporate that essence into our marketing.

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