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Adding premium, 
make it PLUS+

With our brand Joyn launched in May 2019, we were tasked to expand our offering with a premium service later that same year. 

We decided to call it PLUS+. Not Premium as we consider all our content premiums; this is would be an add-on to the already great experience. 


It was particularly difficult to convince both internal and external partners wo not "just" add a + onto the service (as in Joyn+). 

"Why not? All the others do it too, right?"

Not quite; if you look closely, the issue is that a + is associated to a navigation element. Since our main product is a digital streaming platform, using a "+" as an addon would not work.

As proof of concept, we demonstrated the use of "+" within our platform to distinguish content.

It would feel like a navigation element. Hence, the name would have to follow the product's behavior.


Hence we gave birth to Joyn PLUS+.


To educate users around that new service, we put the word "plus" as the hero of our launch campaign

In order to prepare this "subbrand" for our product, we launched several options to display PLUS in the branded setting. 

In simple, writing out the word in capitals following with +.

And a "Pill", that would help isolate/overlay from content. 


The "Pill" allowed an efficient, not too obtrusive tagging of paid content on the platform.

The rational for the wording and symbol goes even deeper.

Visually, we always looked to represent human warmth through roundness:


The symbol is a direct resemblance of the Joyn symbol and the white space:


The number 4 was also important to our brand.

4 is symbolically used:
Joyn (4 Letters)
PLUS (4 Letters) and
4 symbols ‘joining’ together into the middle:

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