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Dom Dressler


Holistic Design

Hi, I'm Dom.


I'm a Global Design and UX Leader and I've built teams for the past 15 years in the United States, Europe, India, and Latin America for tech companies.


My Service: Holistic Design

I'm committed to driving business results and delivering exceptional user experiences through strategic design leadership within these 3 bricks: 


1) Design and UX

I offer a holistic approach to design. I’m combining visual, functional, emotional, and ethical dimensions to create seamless, user-centered experiences.


2) User Centricity

I've driven innovation for global users by infusing empathy and user-centricity into user experiences. I transform solutions through cutting-edge ideas, iterative design, and collaboration.


3) Scaling Design

I'm specialized in scaling design through efficient design systems. 
I provide strategic insights to refine organizational design, driving efficiency, team health and user-centric success as organizations grow.

Brick 1: Design & UX

A) Design from Zero

Your product is mainly built by non-designers and requires a scalable and user-centric design approach from the start. I work with your design team on building a design systems approach from the beginning.


Or I bring temporary design resources to work within a sprint model on building your design and UX fundamentals hand in hand with tech and product. I can also help you forge your vision into prototypes to unlock the full potential of your vision.


A collection of my (design) case studies

Brick 2: User Centricity

A) Democratizing research

Your designers either don’t know how to approach users with evaluative research or never find the time to do so. Or they have complexified user research to a point where only a small group of employees have access to users.


I can help you empower your employees to choose the right methodology for either explorative or evaluative research. I help inject user-centricity either in-house or through easy-to-approach measurements. I can help you set up the right compensation as well as build environments of trust for any of your employees to make user-informed decisions.


Brick 3: Scaling Design

Organisation Design

Whether your organization has no design team implemented, or your current team’s growth is unclear; I size your design team according to your business needs and requirements.


As I’ve built (+15 high performing) teams in Tech and Product environments for over 10 years across cultures and timezones, I enable organizations to structure and arrange design-related roles, processes, and workflows to effectively create and deliver outcomes that meet user needs and align with the company's goals. 


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